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Privacy Policy

AS Webmarketings maintains the security of all the client’s information best of its knowledge. Generally AS Webmarketings does not collect any one’s personals’ information without their consent. For communication, sometime marketing purpose, offers and deals we may collect user information to serve them better and smooth service. But sure we maintain the privacy of every one’s data.

What we are doing?

Collect data from Clients:

Data such as personal information, contact details, email id, Physical Address, mobile numbers etc. are collected for further reference. But sure your data will be secured. We do not share those data with others.

Discuss techniques with clients:

Before starting any project we discuss about the project details with our clients after that we developed as per our client’s requirement. But sure the technique or the purpose of your project will not be shared with others.

Purpose or requirements collection :

We collect requirement details of our clients through mail or chat or over the phone also for reference. After that we develop as per your requirements point wise.

Use of third party integration:

As per client’s requirement we integrate third party’s API in client’s website. But the API will not be modified as per client’s requirement. It will be fully managed by API provider.

Link with other website :

If you link other website in your website it will be direct to the referral link but the referral website will be not managed by you.

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