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“How Can I Do SEO for My Website”? – Find Top 10 Blogs With Proper Answer

How to do SEO own - SEO Tips

Search engine ranking is the position of a webpage that holds in the search results pages of a search engine for a particular query or keyword. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The most popular search engine is Google.

Actually, SERP is the position where any website appears in respect to any keyword. Keyword is the string which passes to search box of any search engine. That’s mean anyone asking about anything to search engine and search engine gives the best result about that topic. So if any website gets top 5 positions in search engine ranking then there is possibility to get more organic traffic for that website.

There are many technical and off page technique to get ranking better for any website. Website owner always searching for most effective ways to optimize their website and get best results. Search Engine Optimization is a natural process to do better for any website. If anyone do extra effort for ranking that will be treated as a spam in respect to Search engine, because their algorithm is so powerful and logical. The best way to get better ranking is consult with a experienced SEO Company who are doing white hat SEO, Say for example AS Webmarketings is one of the most experienced SEO Agency in Kolkata serving from 2009.

If anyone doesn’t want to hire any agency then they have to send time to know how to optimize any website and read good articles from internet.

There are many articles in internet about this topic so it is also difficult to read all of them and take decision which is the right one for them.

We are team of AS Webmarketings  done research and want to share with you best articles about SEO Techniques step by step.

Top 10 Articles about “How Can I Do Seo for My Website?”

  1. Semrush Blog: “SEO for a New Website: 9 Essential Steps

Here in this article you can know about

Effective Domain Name

Site Structure and Architecture

Set Up Google Search Console

Mobile-Friendly Website

Competitors Analysis

Keyword Research

Content Optimization

On-Page SEO

Website Promotion

  1. ai – “10 Steps to Optimizing Your Website Now (2023 Update)

This article discussed about following topics

Keyword research and use relevant terms

Place keywords throughout your page

Include SEO in Permalinks

Hyperlink your existing content

Write high-quality content. No keyword stuffing!

Optimize your images

Page speed

Don’t forget your mobile version!

Technical SEO

Update your pages and content

  1. University Marketing and Communications – “Five Ways to Improve Your Site’s Ranking (SEO)”

This blog discussed about following topics

Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content

Update Your Content Regularly


Have a link-worthy site

Optimize for mobile and execute technical SEO

  1. WebFX – Can You Do SEO Yourself? Yes! Learn DIY SEO Now

Set up analytics

Complete an SEO audit

Research keywords

Optimize website content

Improve internal linking

Attract backlinks

Track SEO rankings, conversions, and more

Continue learning SEO

  1. Wix –  10 SEO tips to boost your website

This blog discuss about following topics.

Choose the right URLs

reate unique titles and descriptions for each page

Utilize anchor text

Add alt text to all your images

Give your site structure with the right headers

Create quality content

Do keyword research

Prioritize proactive indexing

Build impactful external links

Track, report and improve

  1. Capterra – How To Do SEO Yourself

Conduct keyword research

Assign keywords to each piece of content

Develop your on-page SEO

Write compelling copy with your keywords in mind

Look for opportunities to add relevant internal links

Develop your off-page SEO

Monitor and maintain SEO performance

Stay in the loop on SEO trends and updates

  1. com – A Search Engine Optimization Guide

This content discussed about following points:

On-page optimization

Start with SEO keyword research

Create quality content targeting those keywords

Place your keywords

Optimize your titles

Optimize your meta descriptions

Include and optimize images

Internal and external links

Earn and reach out for backlinks

Share your content on social media

Build your brand reputation

  1. hubspot.com – The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2024

Technical Setup



Local SEO

  1. com – 10 Do-it-yourself SEO Tips to Save Money

Research Keywords

Identify Keyword Gaps

Build Internal Links

Improve Click-throughs

Optimize Title Tags

  1. com – Most Important SEO Tips for Higher Rankings

Use Keywords In The Right Places

Keep Users On Your Site Longer

Find “Suggest” Keywords

Delete Zombie Pages

Do An Industry Study

Add Related Keywords to Your Content

Add Text to Infographics, Podcasts and Videos

Update Old Pages

Speed Up Your Website

Use the Google Search Console

Create Content Around Shoulder Niches

Get Backlinks From Your Visual Assets

Create Branded Keywords

Add “What is X” Definitions to Blog Content

Rank In The Featured Snippets

Find More Guest Post Opportunities

Improve Your Organic CTR

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